Our acclaimed, self development drama programme helps children (4-17 years) to act confidently and speak clearly.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Beginning of Term 4, 2014

Welcome to Term 4! Our first classes are in the week starting 13 October, and the term ends with our end-of-year production. All students are automatically re-enrolled, and their place in class is saved. We have started planning for the plays, so please let us know your plans so that we can cast accordingly.

Fees must be paid in full during the first week of term unless an instalment plan has been arranged in advance through the office. 1 child $150, 2 children $275, 3 children $400. Internet payments: Account name: D Napier, Account number: 12 3032 0623716 00. Reference: List your child's name, please.

Please do your best to bring your child to all the lessons in Term 4. Your child has been cast in their production, and it is important that they all learn the play together. Carrie, Jessica and I cast each child very carefully and with a great deal of thought. We consider many things including your child's clarity & projection of voice, their memorisation and characterisation skills and how long they've been with us, among many other things.

Being part of a play is even more important than playing for a sports team, as it is impossible to replace a cast member once we have begun rehearsals or even worse, on the day of the performance. It is an important part of education to encourage children to show commitment, and a play is no different. Our plays involve all the children on the stage all of the time - they are all stars!

Costume suggestions will be given out early in Term 4. We have costumes that can be used by some of the characters. If you have difficulty getting the required costumes, let us know. We do not expect parents to spend a lot of time and money on costumes.

Play scripts: Lower Primary classes are generally not given a script to take home, as all lines are learnt in class time. Uppers and Youth Theatre will be given their own copy of the script. Please encourage them to keep the script in a safe place and bring it to class EVERY WEEK. We will be collecting all the scripts before the Productions. This is a copyright requirement.

Productions 2014: All productions will be performed by the week ending 13th December. Kohimarama, Remuera, One Tree Hill, Pt. Chevalier and Mt. Eden will be on Saturday 13th December. Epsom will perform on Friday 12th December at ANI. Pukekohe and Botany venues and dates are to be confirmed.

As always, we ask you to inform us at the beginning of Term 4 of any clashes with your child's other activities around this time. We then do our very best to organise our performances around those. We do however ask you to be as flexible as possible, as we have many students to accommodate! Our production timetable will be finalised by the end of week 3 of Term 4, so let us know ASAP!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! -- especially to those of you who have told your friends and family about our fantastic teachers and classes! It is a great pleasure to us, knowing that you like the programme so much that you encourage others to attend. Keep it up!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beginning of 2014 letter

Dear Parents, 
Helen O'Grady Drama classes begin on the following dates:
Fri. 7 Feb.: Epsom
Sat. 8 Feb.: Mt. Eden 
Mon. 10 Feb.: Kohimarama
Tues. 11 Feb.: Remuera
Wed. 12 Feb.: Papakura
Thurs. 13 Feb.: Pt Chevalier, Botany and Pukekohe
Wed. 19 Feb.: One Tree Hill

*   Please send or credit at least $45 deposit (or full term fee of $150) to this office if you have not already done so.  Bank details are BELOW, with other Important General Information about the Academy.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ring me at 836-0233. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and see you soon! 

Yours sincerely,
Debbie Napier


1.                 The fee for 2014 is $150 per child per term. Family discount of $25 for 2 children, $50 for 3. Please send $45 deposit per child or full term fee to this office if you have not already done so.
2.                 The balance is due on the first day of class unless otherwise arranged. Please clearly mark whom payment is for. For your convenience, fees may be paid by direct credit to “D. Napier”, 12-3032-0623716-00. Please put the student’s full name in the reference.
3.                 An administration fee of $20 will be charged on overdue fees. If applicable, this will be indicated on the invoice you receive.
4.                 Classes are held on Public holidays (with the exception of Good Friday). If not convenient, this class can be made up at another location.
5.                 From time to time, teachers may give students an edible treat. If your child has an allergy, or if you prefer that your child not be given such a treat, please advise the office and the teacher.
6.                 If your child cannot attend a class (eg, due to illness, school camps) we offer the possibility to make up the lesson at another studio location. Please arrange this with the office.
7.                 Children may arrive at class no earlier than 5 minutes before starting time.
8.                 To enhance the students’ development, parents are not encouraged to stay at class as this can cause quiet children to be withdrawn and extroverts can tend to show off.
9.                 For safety reasons please come to the Hall to collect children. If you are not there on time the children will be requested to wait in the hall.
10.             If your child leaves something at class, the item will be held by the teacher if it is clearly identifiable. Please call our office on 836-0233 if you need the item before the next class. Lost property is held for the duration of term, and any that is unclaimed is then given to charity.
11.             Please feel free to contact the principal at any time concerning any matter regarding your child or the Academy. Teachers are always happy to have a quick word either before class (Lower) or after class (Upper and Youth).
12.             Achievement Certificates are awarded to all students when they have completed a full year with the Academy. These presentations take place at the Parent Day Presentation at the end of Term 2 or at the Term 4 Performances. Special Awards  for “Commitment to Drama” are presented after 100 lessons.
13.             All our teachers are trained teachers with specialist training in our unique system.

We look forward to teaching your child and trust that your association with the Academy is both rewarding and enjoyable.